Everyone at Casa Bonita was extremely helpful in finding our home. They really listened to what we neede and provided several amazing options. The process was fast and painless. I am really looking forward to working with them in the future.

– Brandea

Last year we were running out of time on planning our living arrangements for the upcoming year. We were looking at so many houses but we found the process tedious and unorganized. Luckily at the very last minute, we discovered Casa Bonita.  he staff was kind and helpful and showed us all the houses they had left.  We ended up finding one that was in a fantastic location and a good price, basically everythign we needed.  Since then, we have been extreemely happy in our home and the service Casa Bonita has provided since has been great. This year we were able to plan ahead, and with Casa Bonita’s help, found an even better home for next year. We will continue to live with Casa Bonita in the futre and we recommend that you do too! Thank you so much Casa Bonita!!

– Corene and Paige

Renting a house from Casa Bonita is great. The people in their office are super nice and took the time to help me find a house that worked for us. All the rooms are really spacious and being so close to campus is awesome

 – Sarah

The people at Casa Bonita helped me find a great house in my price range and close to campus.  They are always friendly and respond quickly to maintenance requests. Renting with them has been an awesome experience and I can’t wait to rent from them again next year. I love my house!

– Lizzy

My son has been a tenant of Casa Bonita for 3 years.  We were very fortuanate that he found a great 5 bedrom house that he wanted to stay at until he graduated.  Casa Bonita has been extremely responsive to fixing an problems in the house and extremely accomidating.  It is nice to be able to actually get someone in case of an emergency and they definitely have that “personal touch”!  Nellie has always made sure that whatever I need done with regards to the house (and just in general hand holding) is taken care of!  She is amazind and great to deal with as well as all of the other staff.  I hope that all my son’s future landlords are as easy to deal with as Casa Bonita!!  He is graduating in May and I will definately miss the contact with everyone at Casa Bonita.

– Ms. Sokolow

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